Slow Recovery....

by Bill & Carol
( usa)

Updated Prayer Intention?

Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows….

August 9,2013.

Dear Community of Prayer,

Thank you for praying with us in our long dark night of the soul! Recovery is very slow!

Despite ongoing pain and sorrows in the recovery process we continue to stay at our Post in Faith and Hope with the help of your Daily Prayers and God’s Mercy!

Please continue to pray(2013,2014..?)with us daily for Recovery! Recovery for God’s Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our Broken Hearts,Health Issues,Relief from Severe Financial Misery which is making our recovery next to impossible! Please pray! Please pray for God’s Peace!

Feel free to pass Urgent Prayer Request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World?

Thank you for your patience,

Bill & Carol. usa

PS. We will keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night in Prayer for His Mercy & Peace in these increasingly uncertain times!

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