Sleepless Nights

by Debbie

Yesterday was a rough day I finished the Thank you cards got them ready to mail. Had a breakdown at work Thank God no one asked me about it. I couldnt talk.
Do you think stress causes body aches? I do! I was in so much physical pain all day and night. I finally went to bed at midnight but tossed and turned for about 90 minutes. So I got up and laid on the couch, My mind going in all directions. Exhausted mentally and physically but could not go to sleep. Tried to watch a funny movie to keep my mind busy. So at about I think 3:30 I fell asleep but was woken by the clock striking 6. I debated about calling into work but at 7 got up, got ready and here I am.
The night before I dreamt about Michael just a little dream, but I saw his face and His smirky smile. It gave me a small amount of peace. Which I believe God gives us little glimpses to keep us going Which I am so thankful for.

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