Six Steps for Managing Loss, Terence Curley, Alba House, New York

by Terence Curley
(Swampscott, MA., USA)

This book is a brief approach to the experience of loss which allows for the fact that those who are grieving want an approach which is not too involved and academic. The book is subtitled; A Catholic Guide Through Grief. The book is valuable not only for Catholic but also for Christians who want to place their loss according to steps into the context of faith. The steps are not meant to be sequential but rather topical with a spiritual way of accepting loss. The thrust of the book is to provide a way for groups or individuals to manage their loss rather than have the loss manage them. There are other books on Amazon by Terence Curley which provide the Christian perspective on the funeral and going through grief.

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Jun 09, 2015
New models bring meaning
by: Terence Curley

Your comment is appreciated. My latest book titled: Challenging the Landscape of Loss, why what we've been told about grief doesn't help (amazon and Barnes and Noble) goes even further with new research and meaning for the new psychology of grief. Readers will find that there is a massive paradigm shift in our understanding about grief. I am excited about this and teach my students about this. In many ways we create a new world view for our losses in light of the new research. We do oscillate between tears and joy. I believe we are now able to take our journey in hopeful ways.

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