Since you been gone my soul went with you also

by Sylvia martinez
(Dallas tx.75212)

My husband and i were married for 46 yrs. He was 58 yrs old when he started having balance problems he wouldnt want to go see his dr. One day he fell and i took him to the ER. They said he was fine but the neourology wanted to see him in 3 days.In my heart i knew there was something wrong! The dr. told us my hysband has had too many mini strokes that gave him demantia that was in 2012.i quit my job that day to take care of him for4 yrs at home. He died in my arms 8 mos. ago I miss him so much i cry everyday and night for him i want my husband back! I scream his name i scream at God asking him why do you say ask and you shall recieved what you ask for? Im not happy anymore ill never be happy that feeling is gone forever.I want my husband back so we can hold each other in bed ,wake up and drink coffee together my heart will always be broke .i pray to God everyday night to please give him permission to come and see me please God!
Sometimes my chest and head want to expolde cus i want him so bad. I love our grown married children and grandchildren they come and visit all the time. If i only had my Gilbert right now i would be so happy!! Sometimes i think what can i do to get him back ,im always talking to him,i let him know where im going and when i return.I feel him more in our bedroom where i took care of him.Honey i need you so much i dont know what to do i just hold your picture close to my heart crying and telling you how much i miss you! I want you baby honey! Together Baby foreveršŸ˜¢

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