simple, hardworking, responsible man

Dad only made it through the 10th grade, but he managed to raise 9 kids by working hard in the same factory job for over 47 years. By responsibly saving, he was even able to have a financially secure retirement. He loved his road trips, even after we made the rule that we would not eat at Cracker Barrel more than 1 time per trip.

He was a silent man, rarely expressing his opinion. Because he would be exhausted at the end of his work day, we hardly talked; he would fall asleep in his chair. Yet I knew he loved all of us kids, even when we disappointed him. Us kids are his legacy; his epitaph: "for my children." Mom was at his side when he died, and after 65+ years of marriage, all she wanted was "20 more minutes."

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Apr 18, 2018
by: Anonymous

Knowing that dad is in heaven helps me a lot. The saddest thing for me is looking at my mon and see how lonely she is feeling without my dad. They were married for 63 years.....that is a lifetime.

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