Shirley Ann Flippen-Bachmann 1943-2009

by Deborah Susan Manning
(New Port Richey, FL)

August 4, 1943 - July 24, 2009
Mom it has been one year since you became an "Angel" in heaven. I just want you to know that you were my Angel on earth. I miss you everyday and wish you were here. You should see Baby Dylan. You would just love him. I am trying to be strong and want you to be proud of me. We all love and miss you everyday Mom!

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Aug 04, 2011
Happy Birthday Mom!
by: Debbie Manning

Today's is Mom's third birthday in heaven. She would have turned 68. I know she is dancing on a cloud and enjoying every minute of it. She was an amazing women who was a true Angel on earth, taking care of others.We love and miss you Mom and Grandma!!!

Aug 05, 2010
Special 2nd Mom
by: Becky Sauerbrei

My memories of Ms. Shirley are many and great! There were times in my life when I could not talk to my Mom and Shirley was always there. She meant the world to me. I do regret that later in life we drifted apart but I know she knew how I felt about her. She taught me to always look for the good in everything. I spent many years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds with Shirley and everyone of them were special. I remeber her getting home from work and being so tired but she would take us out to breakfast and we knew that was a treat for us! I also remember making her mad (remember driving her car and trying to get the gas gauge exactly where is was supposed to be and some one leaving the make up in the car). But you know what, she forgave us and loved us anyway! She did love us all and we loved her!! We miss you!!

Aug 04, 2010
We miss you Shirl
by: Paul Manning

Today would have been Shirley's 67th birthday, and thinking about her makes me realize how much I learned from her in the short time I knew her.
Never could I imagined that two people so different could grow so close. She always tried to see the good in every situation. Always the optimist. I learned (or am still learning...thanks to Deb) that that is ok, actually, its admirable. Another thing I learned is toughness. Watching her walk from Debs car up the bleachers while we we're warming up before a softball game all the while knowing every muscle in her body ached was quite inspiring. I don't think I ever told her that...I wish I did. There's more but there ain't enough space here for it all. Happy Birthday Shirl. We miss you.

Aug 02, 2010
My sister and my protector
by: Henrietta McElhone

Shirley had to begin to protect me at a very early age, since our Mom left when she was only 2 and I was 3 months. She taught me to talk walk and probably whine. We were very close and when she moved out to live independently I missed her very much. When Rondi was born she came to get her when ever she was off work. The sun rose and set in that little girl. Then she married and had Debbie and Mike. She lived for those kids and was a devoted Mom. My sister and I might not speak on the phone for months at a time but when we did we talked for hours. I found myself going to the phone to call her after she was gone and remembering at the last minute that I had to talk to her in my prayers. Which I do all the time. I admired my sister's strength and dedication and I have tried to emulate her spirit and loving nature. Shirley keep us safe from your perch up above and we will see you again. Love Henri

Jul 31, 2010
Shirley is greatly missed.
by: Karen Dutter

I got to know Shirley through Debbie. For several years we met monthly at Bunco and Book Club. I think that Shirley was a very private person outside of her family so I was happy when she gave a little bit of herself at Book Club. When we read Water For Elephants Shirley shared about her life in her late teens and early twenties. I was so pleased Shirley felt comfortable enough to let me into her life.
Shirley is greatly missed!

Jul 30, 2010
The Queen of Gasparilla !
by: Sherry Pegnetter

While I did not know Shirley for many years, the times I did spend with her each year at Gasparilla couldn't have brought more smiles to my face ! We(Shirley,daughter Deb, girlfriend Susan and myself) always made it a "girls day out" event, starting the day early with drive thru McD's coffee and then the rush for that ever so secret parking lot where Shirley had parked each year ! We hauled our "beverage" cooler roadside, strategically placed our chairs as close to the parade line as possible...Oh Lord ! things got crazy when Queen Shirley wanted beads !! HA ! You know what ? I still have those beads and they sure remind me of a great person that I wish I had spent alot more time with !! Rest in peace, our truly are missed ! :-)

Jul 29, 2010
Shirley's Spirit Lives On
by: Debbie Blanton

Although I did not have the priviledge of knowing Shirley, I do know and love her daughter, Debbie. She raised and influenced a beautiful soul in her daughter. Her spirit is with Debbie everyday.

Jul 28, 2010
We Miss You
by: Marie Manning

Shirley was an inspiration to all of us. There wasn't a time when I was with her that she didn't make you feel special and loved. I know she is in heaven and watches over all of us, especially her beautiful daughter Debbie, grandaughter Jessie, and little Dylan. I will always remember her smiling and laughing. She is not gone, but waits for us in heaven.

Jul 27, 2010
Gasparilla Queen
by: Susan Voight

Shirley was a great friend and Mother. She lived for her daughter Debbie, who she cherished. Gasparilla wont be the same without her, but her spirit will be there screaming and catching beads. She didn't get to meet Dylan, however he carries a part if her. Shirley would be so proud of her family-Deb, Jessie and Dylan. She wont be forgotten, always loved and with them.

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