by Diana

My boyfriend has broken up with me. We weren't together for long, but its been 3 months since our break up. I am devastated. I have been praying everyday in church since the breakup for God to open open his heart and allow for our love to rekindle. I do speak to my ex on and off but its always my initiation of doing the calling.

His father is in the hospital and I understand he has a lot in his plate, yet he finds the time to go out with his friends. When we were together he would always tell me he loved me, how could his heart change from one day to the next???

I need God to touch me with his peace, love and resignation. I am in such state of despair. He is a man of faith and I could truly say that I love him and am willing to do anything for him, I only wish God could hear my prayers and grant my plea of having another chance with him. Please I need your prayers. Thank you and may God bless your kind heart for your prayers.

Administrator Response to "Brokenhearted":

Dear Diana,

The loss of a significant relationship can be so hard. For me I grieved the loss of my husband, but because he was dead, I knew there was no way of getting him back. With the loss of a boyfriend who you still care deeply for, you want to keep hope.

Which way do you pray? That God would work things out and he would come back to you? Or that you would have enough faith to move on and trust that God has better things in store for you?

I would invite you to be real with God about brokenhearted state, your emotions, and your pain in this situation. You might find my article on Dealing with Emotions helpful. While the article isn't specifically about prayer, as someone of faith, you can easily turn these feeling statements into a prayer conversation with God. Let yourself feel the calming effect of the statements and God's presence with you.

When you have prayed your emotions, I invite you to turn your hands open and ask God for what you most deeply desire for your life.

The thing with life is that we don't always get what we think we want in the moment, and it takes the greatest faith to live with hands held open and find peace, even in the brokenhearted seasons of life.

My prayers for peace and hope are with you today.


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For my dearest mum and dad to find peace together

It has been going for quite some time, months and years. I really want that my parents find peace with each other. I'm sorry for getting in the middle and making them fight, please forgive me but I don't do it on purpose. Everyone is human from the sky below.

I really am scared when they fight and hit each other. I pray that i never see those fierce eyes looking at each other, I pray that they won't fight so hard anymore, that they go out often together, that my mother doesn't work too much so that she realises that she has a family that wants her, and I pray for my parents.

Janelle's Response:

Dear friend,

My heart is sad for you as I read your request. Please know that you have been on my mind and heart since I first read this.

I ask that peace will come to your household and to your own heart as well, as you have a difficult situation to live with. May you have hope for the future. May the hearts of all your family members find healing and hope.


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God I;m so alone

by Jen

Lord I’m so alone, it seems like no one understands,
Pain fears & pressure too much for a man
I cry in despair, God I’m on my knees
Hear my desperate cries and plead
Friends have forsaken, truth turns out a lie
Lusts have perverted, it feels better off to die,
Hear me, God hear me, can’t you, God, won’t you?
You are all I have left, faithful beyond I ever know.
Lord, yes, I have sinned and made a mess
My heart is broken I’m shattered in distress,
Wont you Lord please, save me Lord I pray
I can’t bear it alone facing another day,
Your tears wet my cheeks, my flesh trembles with fear
God reassure me, tell me I’m not alone here,
Lord please comfort me with affection, I’m broken and upset
I don’t deserve it Lord but help me & my pain don’t forget
Sad days all around me, wondering how I could ever go on?
Then you remind me of your love Lord, let it make me strong,
Broken, teary and bleeding in anguish is my Saviour for me,
Crying in compassion you were born to die to set me free
Lord my all eternally and ever my compassionate High Priest
May I dwell under your wings, and grant I, eat at Your love feast.

To my sweet Prince, and Love of my life, sweet Jesus, to You be praise forever and ever, and indeed into eternity without end.

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my name is arun, i am an engineer currently working in dubai. Me and my family consisting of father, mother and brother did not have a own house yet. My family is living in a rented house. Father had a lot of debts. Brother is weak in studying. My job in dubai is actually lower than my level & qualification and salary is less also.

please pray for me. plz pray for me to get a better salary and for getting a good post in job. please pray for getting a good own house and for clearing my fathers debts. please pray for my brothers education also.

plz pray for me to get happiness and prospeity in family ..PLZ PRAY TO SAVE MY FAMILY FROM THE CURSE OBTAINED FROM THE BAD DOINGS/SINS OF MA ANCESTORS

thanks for the favours god given to me yet.

Janelle's Response:


You and your family have been on my heart and mind. May you feel God near to you and may you receive answers to your prayers.

It is hard to live with less than what you need and to feel the pressure of providing more than you are able.

May you find ways to live in peaceful presence and hope even when the answers do not seem close at hand. May God grant the desires of your heart.


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Prayer for Taylor

by tina draper
(sterling heights)

Dear God I ask that you will heal my daughter Taylor I ask that you will lay your hands upon her and rid this cancer out of her body take her pain away and give her the strength and will to keep fighting this terrible monster within her . Lord God I ask that you will send a miracle her way in Jesus name amen.

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