Ryan valley

by Anna costa

Few more days it will be your 13th birthday it's going
to be a hard day for mom knowing I didn't get to see you
become a teenager, hear the change of your voice, or even
to see you start middle school there are going to be so many I
wishes..most of all I wish you were here with me..miss you
so much.so lost without you nothing will be the same anymore
I don't want to celebrate holidays without you I can't do it,and do
you know mom won't watch fireworks ever again because my last
time watching them was sitting in the hospital window holding you
in my arms...I love you Ryan forever and always!!!

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Mar 20, 2012
in my thoughts
by: Jo mison

Sending you and all ryans family love and hugs. my son was 13 when he passed away and I understand all the wants. may ryans R..I.P xx

Sep 05, 2011
by: Janelle (administrator)


Hugs to you. Anniversaries can be so hard. May you find something beautiful to mark Ryan's 13th birthday and your love for him.

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