by vanessa jacobs
(Harare Zimbabwe)

My name is Reverend Vanessa Jacobs please pray and counsel me my life is full of misery my husband has tormented me his name is Justin he is a pastor but he has caused me a lot of suffering,he has been in prison twice now for attempted rape ,i married him in 1996 i was a pastor in a church where he was serving as a deacon please men of God this man has tortured my soul and he has enslaved my royalty,i am in distress ,hardships,setbacks ,stagnation ,business failures, financial distress i am broke people owe me a lot of money yet i am in deep deep Poverty i am failing to pray fervently as i used to do.we have Separated 3 times in 19yrs he has fathered many children with many women during our separation.i don't know what to do he has left home again.each time he comes back he only stays three months .i wedded and made vows to GOD with this man.he is my wedded husband i tried to get married to someone but it never worked,this man beats me he bruises me, he curses me,he humiliates me yet i have taken care of his mom,his kids with other women, i have taken care for him in prison his day to day supplies from 2012-7th August 2014 when he came out of prison.I bought everything for him he doesn't appreciate me please please pray for my marriage i don't know why i love a man who has hurt me so much,deserted me many times and still i always have loved him .this has brought pain to my family i need deliverance men of God help me please pray for my husband please he is in bondage an i have been dreaming a lot of bad dreams even about prison. i need healing in my whole life my husband should come back home a reformed and saved man and as a pastor .please I need reconciliation and forgiveness ,deliverance , healing and restoration please hear from and counsel or advise me I don’t satan to still from me again I want to be a living testimony to the glory of GOD can GOD heal and restore my marriage? To be delivered from Relationship Killers: insecurity, trust issues, Facebook, jealousy, lack of communication, assumptions and infidelity please I need your help and prayer

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