Relationship Restoration

by Michelle
(Colombo, Srilanka)

My full name is Michelle Anita Augustine,i am a srilankan,i am a roman catholic,i loved a other religon guy and got registered to him without my mother's permmission,at the same time my mother did not want me to marry him because he is from another religon and i got a good proposal from my relative,so my mother wanted me to marry my relative he is Winston Steffon Anthony,but i got registered to guy i loved,after few months i realized he is not the correct person i got married to,i was so uspet,he was telling me to come to his religon,finally i with my mother's help i applied for divorce,but i was not living with him to geather,just got registered only, but he spoiled my whole image infront of everyone,but when i was facing all these problems my relative Winston Steffon Anthony was with me giving all help,strenght and guidance, and he loves me alot,i felt really bad because i rejected him proposal because i wanted to marry that other guy, finally i started an affair with Steffon and we both of were so happy but in other hand his parents didn't like me because i am divorced lady,steffon he is the only child to his family, so his family did not like him marrying me,but he was loving me so much,he even told me god gave me a second chance to marry you Michelle,but i really don't know what has happened to him he suddently dumped me without telling me any reason,now it's almost going to be 5 months that he stopted talking to me,i really don't know the reason behind that,he doesn't even talk to me,i have never been gone through a pain like this,i really love my Wiston Steffon Anthony,now he is my life,i am asking god please i want to marry him with everybody's blessings,i want him to come back to me,i really feel lonley and lost without him,i think someone had told bad thing about me to my Steffon,please pray for me i want you pray for me in a urgent matter,i deeply love him,i promise god after getting married to him i will not leave him i will make my Steffon happy,please pray for me he should realize and he should come back to with the same love,i want him to calll me and say sorry Michelle i want you, please pray for both of us,i have attached both of us photo to you,please pray for us...
Wiston Steffon Anthony & Michelle Anita Augustine,

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