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May 10, 2011
Let Your Eyes See
by: Preslaire Charles

It is simple and there is no need to waste any energy in prayer. The evidence is plain as day before your eyes. You are not the principal woman in this man's life. Let him remain in his bed of fornication with the Jezebel woman that he is with. As for you, redeem your dignity and maintain yourself in pureness.

I suggest you detach yourself from this disastrous situation while you are able or be prepared for a life of abuse and pain or worst.

If this is the burden you want to put on yourself and your family because of a foolish heart, you go right ahead. However, if you have any bit of common sense you will do the smart thing, which to terminate this and all engagement. If you are married you need to get a divorce.

If you pursue in the path of this relationship whatever you incur or experience will be because of your own impertinence for not heeding the voice of reasoning and the the spirit of wisdom.

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