Recovery from Grief and Loss
Survival Tips for the Grief Process

Recovery from grief and loss is a long process. Caring for yourself through your grief is important. Yet, I also know that many times I felt I just didn't have the energy to do what I needed to do to heal. Your recovery will be helped as you are able to incorporate some of these tips into your daily life.

They are given in no particular order. You may find it helpful to find one point that seems like something you could focus on for the week. Then bookmark the page and come back to it a week later to see if there is another one that you may be ready to try. Recovery from grief and loss is an active process. It is work. But practice being gracious with yourself as well.


  • do something you find uplifting each day, listening to music, taking a walk
  • healthy lifestyle habits are very important during grief--your body needs the positive endorphins from exercise and the nutrients from healthful foods and the rest from plenty of sleep
  • surround yourself with caring family and friends
  • give yourself time to feel and honor your sadness and pain, journaling or talking with a listening friend may help you process your pain
  • on the other hand if you are feeling overwhelmed by sorrow, do something to give yourself a break--it is okay to laugh while watching a funny movie
  • engage in something you find creative--a hobby, artistic form, gardening
  • recovery from grief and loss comes in small steps and sometimes it feels like you are going backward. Remember that you will move forward again.
  • accept as much support as you can
  • if you start to feel overwhelmed by depression, seek the help of a counselor
  • resist the temptation to stay so busy that you avoid your pain
  • find creative ways to express your feelings (there are lots of ideas on this site)
  • give yourself grace--grief takes a lot out of you
  • record some of your favorite stories you remember from your loved one, share them with others
  • start a gratitude list--as you are able write down things that you are thankful for, read over the list when you feel hopeless
  • tell your family and friends if you are not ready for something they would like you to do
  • remember that it is okay to say no to invitations if you don't feel up to going
  • connect with others who hare experiencing similar losses through support groups
  • read other peoples grief stories, they will help you know that you are not alone and your feelings are normal
  • remember that recovery from grief and loss takes time, don't pressure yourself to move on faster than you are able

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