Reconciliation/To be a dad

by Mark

Please pray for my ex-partner C., we split 8 weeks before she gave birth, due to interference from her family - I wasn't totally innocent, but I didn't set out to split us like they did.. I now have a 1 year old child who i've not seen - I have prayed, and she has finally responded to a text, earlier this month (it was only one line, but hey..its a start!)...I ask for guidance in what to say next, and how to conduct the rest of the conversation, lord - help me to say the right things!

I know C. is the one, and would like us to reconcile, for us, and not just the baby, - Lord, I dont want to take things legal, as I have faith that you will sort this situation, but the people around me think I am lazy for not wanting to take my ex to court. I feel it wouldn't be fair on anyone. Lord, please bring me and C. back together so we can raise our daughter.

End all the nastiness and hatred, and fill both our hearts with forgiveness and love..Lord, I need a miracle, I'm desperate, but I have faith that you can sort this...thank you, Amen

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Aug 31, 2011
Praying for you!
by: Kim

Mark, this must be so difficult for you. My only advice is don't wait to long to make some difficult decisions if it comes down to it because your child is growing fast right now and she needs you too. She should know who her daddy is and at this point it's your obligation to make it happen. She can't ask for you, she's too young. I've raised my step daughter almost her whole life and her mother had an open door policy to come see her when ever she wanted and she chose not to. My daughter is now 21 and she still has issues because she didn't have her biological mom in her life. She longs to have some kind of a relationship with her and it still hurts her a lot. I know you don't have the same opportunities that her mom neglected but if the family wants to keep you away it's not fair to your child and you should do something about it even if it hurts. Hopefully you and C can work through this and be a family. Keep praying and it looks like Gid gave you a little answer already. Every little bit of communication is better than nothing. Stay calm when you guys talk over these things and remember that you have Gods love and help on your side. I hope you and your child have a loving relationship in the future and dont give up. You owe that to your child. Sorry if I've been too blunt but I've seen what hurt a child goes through when they don't have one of their parents in their lives. I will pray for you and C to realize she needs to make her own decisions and not let her family influence what she wants. God bless you and good luck:)

Aug 30, 2011
by: MH

Thanks for your prayers Janelle :)

Aug 30, 2011
by: Janelle


What a difficult journey you are walking. My prayers are with you today. Keep hope.

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