Raymond Sandi - Kingtom product.

by Francis T. Kpaka

When i first heard of Raymond's (Sugar Ray as we fondly know him) death, without even thinking about the effeect it will have on the close family members, i immediately wrote on one of the most popular media -FACE BOOK; "Another brother has fallen". I did that because i have always considered Ray a family. Few days before the funeral i was asked by Mustapha if i could arrange for someone from Kingtom to give a tribute to this man. Selfishly i decided to do it myself without consulting other Kingtonians; but i'm sure they will forgive me;
Why was that? I had known Ray for over 30 years when i used to visit their eldest brother the late Yayah Sandi. Ray was not my friend but one of the youngest of the Sandi dynasty; a boy with great sense of humour and respect for everyone that came his path. Ray was not only a well mannered man but a sports fanatic with his interest geared towards body building. His enthusiasm for body building was lauded by all who knew him in Kingtom. When Ray came to the UK in the 90's i was one of the first he visited; as a little brother, he took his wife and introduced her to my family; lavishing praises and making it clear that i was his brother.
Sugar Ray has always been a popular man and humility was the key to his popularity. Today as a representative of all Kingtonians, i am proud to say that Kingtonians are defiant in their love for God. We still have faith in God and believe that Ray's calling is a gain for all of us.
Today we hold hands and mourn side by side as brothers and sisters from Kingtom; telling Ray tnat we watched him suffer and slowly slip away. Although we loved you so much we tried but could not make you stay. So to end your pain, you were called back home to sit next to God on his golden throne. Your journey through earth ends here in London; now home you go where peace is in abundance, where love is not measured but given to you without conditions attached, where you will sleep to your heart content without pain, where you will not be thinking of eating, wearing clothes, time to work, how to please others, or how to be humble. It is a place where we shall one day meet you and share the glory of our living God. Ray as we stay behind for now, we as your Kingtom family will continue to assure you that as we pray to our good God, the thought of RAY will forever be echoed in those prayers. May your soul continue to find peace in His holy name and may the Lord continue to ; AMEN.

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