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Aug 21, 2011
August 17, 2011
by: Living in HELL on EARTH

Pain and Suffering a understatement.....

April 8, 2011 daughter informed me that the man I was scheduled to marry on August 17, 2011 molested her......that not the end of the horror July, 2011 I was terminated from my job.....then met someone who brought joy into my heart......but wait a minute he's married.....what next God......what next......

Jul 10, 2011
All coming soon
by: Anonymous

Dear father
Bless her with everything she need in her happiness and Peace.-)
God you said ask and you shall recieve!
Please without delay please ... Bless her with all the enjoy!
LOve you always!

Jun 28, 2011
In Jesus name
by: anonymous

Dear father
I coming to you in the need of prayer. Prayer for this young woman and her broken heart. In the name of Jesus, father I ask you that you heal her broken heart speedily. Shift her focus of having a mate until you mold her and shape her into who you need her to be. Teach her God to do your will, and erase her emotions of hurt over this man. In Jesus name I pray amen.
p.s. I know what youre going thru to love someone so much, and they just wake up one day as a stranger. As though, you mean nothing at all to them. I have been in the same predicament. I lost 60lbs worrying, crying, and lost my job because I was depressed. Keep crying out to God I am a living witness that if u cry out to God he will remove that emptiness. keep your head up

May 06, 2011
pray for you
by: alesha

Sweet girl I am so sorry. I am currently going through the same problem- me and my man were going to get married this summer but he got hooked on drugs and decided drugs and being single were worth more to him. I feel your pain and I wish no girl had to go through this....

Dear Lord I pray you be with this beautiful woman. I pray you give her strength for each day. I ask of you to heal her heart that is so broken. I pray that it will be filled back up with peace, happiness, and joy. Lord I ask of you to bring forth her soul mate into her life. I pray that he is a godly man and that he will be able to raise her back up and be the kind of man she deserves. I pray that her pain will end and that she can be sooooo happy with this new man and the past can be gone (but not forgotten) Thank you Jesus. Amen.

I also ask anyone out there to give me a prayer or too. I pray that god will heal my shattered heart, and that my mate for life will come forth soon. Thank You.

Apr 26, 2011
praying for you
by: shawn

i pray that god will send you a mate that will love you thru good and bad,i pray that your heart desires are given to you ,and that you will have a mate that understands you and you understand him and that he will provide for you some one you can talk to about anything ,about how you feel some one you can pray and worship together and sing praises to god above i pray that you will not be alone that u mate will love you if u thin or thick that god will give you confirmation oh god u said that when two people come in two agreetment that u will make it so we love you lord and i pray that she seeks your kingdom and all else will follow in the name of jesus amen

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