Prayer for Healing

by peter

I suffer from lung and heart problems with lung tumors and severe pain-please pray for new lungs and heart and the constant pain to go away, thank you so much Peter

Administrator's comments and prayer for healing:

If you are of the Christian tradition, you might find it helpful to use your imagination to "place" yourself in one of the gospel stories where Jesus is healing someone.

I especially like the one (Luke 8:40-48) where a woman has been sick for 12 years. She has heard that Jesus has the power to heal, but she doesn't feel worthy of asking him for healing.

She decides that there should be enough healing power in him that if she just touches the edge of his robe, she would be healed. So she goes up behind him and touches his robe.

Jesus immediately feels power leaving his body and turns around and asks who touched him. At first the woman doesn't admit that it was her. When no one responds, Peter says, "There are crowds all around bumping you."

Jesus says that he felt power leave his body, and the woman sees that she can't get away unnoticed. So she admits that it was her, and she tells him how she was healed instantly by the touch. But Jesus says it was her faith that healed her.

What strikes me about this story is that the woman doesn't seem to have that much courage, which is sometimes associated with faith. She is sure enough that Jesus can heal her, but not courageous enough to boldly walk up to him and ask as we see in some of the stories. But she is desperate enough to do what she thinks will heal her.

For personal reflection:

How might you bring your desperation to God?

What aspect of this story or another seems to be wanting your attention?

What from this or other healing stories can become part of your prayer for your own healing?

Prayer for Healing:

Healing God,

We ask for you to allow Peter's body to be touched by your healing power. Shine your light over his body to bring wholeness.

We ask for strengthening in his heart and lungs. We also ask that his body would be able to relax and be at peace and free of pain.

Restore his heart and lungs to be like new.

In all that Peter faces, may he find ways to stay open to hope.


Peter, I hear that people who are ill get all kinds of suggestions for healing, so if you are tired of ideas, please disregard this idea! But I do know of people who have found pain relief through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is a routine of tapping on the body at various points. You can read my introduction to it at EFT Tapping.

Hope and peace to you.

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