please pray

Please pray for me n my husband and our marriage. My husband has some anger issues that he doesn't know how to handle as well as self control, controlling me and manipulation issues. I really hope God deals with him today about these issues so we can move forward. please pray. I am really sorry for burdening you, I want God to clearly lead us to where he wants us to be. Please God I ask for true repentence from him today. I rebuke all the satanic attack against me, him and our marriage, happiness and intimacy. Stop him from flying off the handle with me all the time. Its almost as he is looking for a excuse. God you alone see it, speak to him, change him, make him a mature person. I don't know what you want with me God, I feel like this is an unfair situation and unsafe. I never been in a situation like this before, please help me Jesus. that he be clothed in God's love and show that to me

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