Prayer to make my ex-girlfriend's parents let her come back to me

by cm

Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me because her parents felt we shouldnt be together though she wanted to be with me. She is old enough (late 20s) but still lives with her parents and they control everything she does. I took her over five years ago and really worked through life with her as her parents had abondoned her coz they felt she was a failure. I helped her and was very patient with her so she could get her life back together. Now she is back living with the parents again and they have convinced her to end our relationship. I request that you pray for me so God can show her parents the real person I am, the person who has their daughter's best interests at heart, the one who will always take care of her no matter what. Pray for her too so she sees all that and that she realises and sees what my heart has for her. I love her and I really want her to realise everything no matter how long it takes. I will be very patient and I will wait. Pray that God blesses everyone through their troubles and also increase their faith in him. Pray for her to pass her exams and for me to also pass my professional ones. Thank you and be blessed

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by Dana
(Portland Oregon USA)

For my sister Lisa she has a bad back and knees and has been taking medicine for more then just pain. She was an addict years ago and just quit drinking few years ago. Her cell phone was cut off and she had trouble with her mortgage. Pray that she would find the Lord through all of her pain and follow Him. Give her peace and strength during this time.

Help my husband and I to have extra money each month to pay for things our kids need with school one is finishing high school other in college. We live pay check to pay check. Help us to be good stewards of our money.

Help our friend April to get on her feet financially so she can take care of herself and her son and not always need the help of others. Open the door for her to find great childcare and hopefully a car and be able to pay her rent rent each month. bring someone into April's life who would share the grace and love of Jesus.

Open the door for my children Steven and Annette and my husband Dave to come back to the Lord and follow him one day.

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marrige prayer

I pray that God will bring more communication, and love and affection in my marriage. Pierce my husband's heart that he will become much closer to God, and that he will become much closer to me as his wife.


Administrator Comment:

You are in my thoughts and prayers today. Relationships can be very rewarding and very challenging.

Providing God:

We ask that you would make a way for this couple to find healing and wholeness. That they would draw close to you and to each other.

We ask that they would find ways to communicate effectively and lovingly.

Bring new hope and courage to them for the days, weeks, and months ahead.



Relationship or Marriage Resource:

I've had many people share relationship and marriage prayer requests on this site. I'm happy to have them share. Relationship break ups and painful places in marriages contain a good deal of grief.

One thing that I've reflected on though, with these requests is a hope of a renewed relationship. As most of the resources on this site refer to grief after the death of a loved one, I couldn't point people to resources that might be helpful in strengthening a marriage or healing a break up.

Today I received an email telling me about a relationship restoration ebook that comes with rave reviews. As it relates to this request. I thought I would leave a link to it. In case you would be interested in looking into it.

Click for more info on the book

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he will return.

by jannette

Lord, i have faith that he will have a change of heart. I have faith that you will grant him the change of heart. God, i am so grateful i feel amazing. I only recently accepted you into my life my great god and already i feel the difference. I feel the peace in my heart instead of the agony and anguish i was feeling. It comes back from time to time but i just keep praying and you are right there by my side i feel your presence so potent and i cannot believe i waited so long to feel your security. Thank you lord for i leave my life in your hands. I was trying to navigate my life alone crying every night asking why me... Now i speak to you lord and there you are its amazing and i am so grateful.

Lord please dont leave me i am trying my best to become better. I need you to stick it out w me lord and i know you will. Lord i pray to you bc you know my heart, my deepest desires my thoughts my actions you are me lord and i am in the passengers seat now and you are my driver, i can pray and keep my faith and i know you will drive me down the right path.

I know you will answer all of my hearts desires. Lord i have been praying to you for him to be returned to us and i know he will lord. You will give him a change of heart and remove him from those negative situations spirits people women evils.. lord you are in charge you know what you are going to do and i have faith in whatever it is. I know he will return lord bc you will make him.

I love you my dear lord you are so good to me. Fill me with the holy spirit lord each and every day and night forgive my daily sins and erase my past to begin a new begiinning. Thank you lord for all you do for me. And stay with me and my babies always. Lord pleade also bring him home. Bc we need him. I know you know. And i know you will. I am so grateful and thankful i praise you lord. Amen.

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