Natanya Natalia Pillay

by Safia Mohamed Alli
(South Africa Pretoria)

Natanya Natalia Pillay
(Gift from God – Christ’s Birthday)

Our Daughter Natanya was so cheerful, full of life, of love, and had lots of plans for her future but most of all, always smiling.
When we left for work and school that Wednesday morning Oct 23, 2008 I never dreamed that I would never see that smile again. Natanya went to her friend down stairs that morning to ask her if her Puff was right and ran back upstairs shouting on top of her voice come on Ma I’m ready for the road. Something, she never usually done. We’ll never know but she smiled the biggest smile I’ve ever seen with no word then spoken. God alone knew that was to be Natanya’s last smile for me. One I will remember for the rest of my life.
Natanya and I along with Leandre were in a car accident on our way to work and school when this nasty accident happened, her injures were so severe the Doctors gave up no hope.No Wednesday morning will never be the same again for me.
There are no words to describe our loss or our pain that’s in our heart and will last forever.
Natanya had many struggles in this life but she seem to always keep on keeping on.She was a soul made in one for all. Natanya was my pillar of strength when I believed I had none. She was the light that I myself at times did not see at the end of the tunnel. She only let things keep her down for a minute. But there will never be anymore struggles for her here on earth because she is now another one of Gods sweet angels.

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Jul 20, 2016
I'm Thinking About You
by: Fayhaza

nataynkies ... I miss you so much I always wonder how you would looked . so many things are happening in my life and all our other friends lives too so much and still it feels like just yesterday u were with me just hours ago u called it feels like you wer just here and then i remember that awful day and it breaks my heart I talk to my son about you . I'm sure you wouldv been the queen of instagram and a beautiful mommy and wife and your daddy would be so happy to have been a grandad . we love u and miss you alot . fayankies ... all these funny names we would come up with I come to understand that it was your time no-one could change that . may your grave be filled with light and may allah grant you the highest place in jannah Inshaallah Ameen

Oct 07, 2015
by: Haley

She seems like an amazing human being. Thank you so much for sharing you story. I seriously love this part of the website.

Aug 31, 2015
Missing You
by: Fayhaza

Its been so many years and still I feel this pain like it we're just yesterday u left me . I still cannot get thru this we were so close I can remember ur hug thhe day before u left u said " you better hug me does my poof look right " I still argued n said I need to go to class u just grabbed me n hugd me we planned so much together we shared so many memories n until today I still don't have a best friend or someone like u coz there's nobody like u out here and nobody that can ever replace u I love u nataynkies you my tai my nats my fancy face my sister I miss u and always will I'll always make dua for u I love u so much I'm a mommy to a beautiful boy his 1years old wish I could turn back time and just hug u sleep over by u sleep in ur arms n hold u wen the lightning makes a noise I still cry till today I love u and may allah put nur and light in ur grave

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