Myndi Warren

by Sheri

Myndi had a smile that lit up a room!

Myndi had a smile that lit up a room!

When I lost my daughter, I lost myself. Myndi had just turned 27 when she died suddenly from toxic effects of harmful substances. I had no clue till her death that this was occurring. My world has completely turned upside down. As the 1 year anniversary of that horrible day she passed is approaching, my heart is breaking and thinking of what might have been and will never be. I have a wonderful son and husband, thank God for them. People say I know how you feel, I lost my Mom, Dad or another loved one. I have had losses too, but your child should not go before you, it is just backwards to me. Myndi was kind, sincere, generous and beautiful. She always put others above herself and wanted to help people that were in need. God bless my Myndi and watch over her in your beautiful home.

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Nov 07, 2012
Myndi Warrem
by: Anonymous

I just saw the two comments. I miss my sweet Myndi more than anything in this old world. What I would give just to hear her voice or see her beautiful face. Someday we will meet again though.

Jul 07, 2011
I am in shock..
by: ronald hernandez

I'm still in shock.. I just found out that she passed away .. I am so sorry for your loss mrs. Warren. I was good friends with Tony (mindy's ex) and I remember we all used to hang out and had a blast, she was really a kind hearted person and always so bubbly.

Oct 03, 2010
no one knows how you feel
by: Janelle


I am sorry for your loss. You are right that every loss is different. No one really knows how you feel. And the death of a child is out of order.

Anniversaries are hard. Perhaps you will want to find some ritual to commemorate Myndi that would also serve as a symbol of hope for you.

There are no easy answers. I will think of you.

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