My spouse Tom Mathews 2/1951 - 4/1991

by Deborah Mathews
(Banning, CA)


A very special soul was he; he came from heaven to witness it all,
He chose a life with many courses, some of danger and others of passion.
A struggling farm boy who knew the wild, he learned to live off the land so grand.

Cows to milk and fields to seed, he walked a mile to watch T.V.
Memories of childhood he adored, the tractor rides, and hillsides to climb.
He seemed to always bump his head; he had more scars than a Viet Nam Vet.

He shared his heart with others, who cried,
And carried their burden on his heart so divine.
Many friends he did have, they would give a hand at his command.
With ancestors to watch him, and a special hand to guide him,

His journey would lead him many miles from home.
He kept it a secret; he was not to tell, stripped of his pride, to forget in stride.
He struggled daily to forget the pain, never telling a soul of his pain.
Not the physical pain, or the pain of sorrow, but pain of memories not soon forgotten.

A man of piece, he developed inside,
It is not so easy becoming a self made man, always giving a helping hand,
To those who loved him, they shared in common ground.
Never complaining when he was hurt, never a frown only smiles from within.

For years upon years his hats would collect, never really finding just a right place to rest.
Two weeks ago he hung each one, now they hang, never to be worn by the one.

Before we met, we know that we were one,
We were destined to live the lives that most everyone would not want.

Growing up we had our paths two perfect our very souls.
You had your road and I had mine, very different, but oh, so close.
You would lead the hard life, with sweat and tears and pain,
Never knowing where your next meal came from, it was very hard the strain.

You were one of the special six, your mother and dad brought into this world,
But you were a very special soul, one who would leave to soon.
Words of wisdom he shared with me, he enriched my life to every degree.
Twenty-two years of my life before him, and twenty-two years we shared together.

He understood where his son had gone,
But in his grief of understanding, he ignored his needs.

I thank God every day you belong to me your sunshine radiates your love above me.
Your unselfishness that you give to others makes you unique to everyone who wonders.
Your life has been full of happiness and sorrow,
But that is what makes your soul gleam with wonder.

Your body has been through a lot of heartache,

But remember dear it’s your soul that never hinders.

So when you are feeling down and under, just remember that our souls are one together.

A very special thank you to all; to all of Tom’s friends and relation who call.

He will be missed by all who know him. But remember dear friends; he is one within you.

April 1999

Take Tom’s Month..... Day.....
And year of his birth.....
2/26/1951..... Add them together; 2+2+6+5+1 = 16
It’s the day of his rest. 4/16/99

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