My Soul

I have lost my soul, I have lost my best friend, I have lost my lover, I have lost the best thing that has happen to my daughter and me. Please pray for us that everything will work out. Pray for us that we can find each other again

Administrator Response:

When life is filled with losses it is easy to feel like you have lost your soul as well. I hear you saying that so many important people who were important to you are no longer with you. Their absence in your life leads to a feeling of having lost your own sense of self.

Take some time to reflect on the following:

What is one thing might you do today that would help you be in touch with your soul? To be centered again?

It might be dealing with emotions through a process of naming your feelings.

It might be writing your own grief poem through this easy process.

I've even heard of people who just spend time coloring. It takes them back to happier times and also takes their mind off all their anxieties.

In the past what place or situation helped you feel like all was well in the world? Take a few minutes to go back to that place in your mind. Savor the feelings that you experience in that space. Then ask for more spaces like this in your life. You may not see them coming overnight. But if you keep asking and start looking for them, you might be surprised at where these peaceful, healing spaces happen.

My prayer for you:

God of Wholeness,

We ask that you would draw this dear reader into your warm embrace. He or she has experienced many losses. Let her/him know your healing light deep within.

May he or she find a healing space in life again.


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