My only son, . Markeeus Edward Combs ( BJ. )

by Capra Speed
(Mesquite, TX)

Son it has now been 4 months since God called you home. July 5, 2015. July the 4th will never be the same for me now. I remember when you were here with me. You knew I usually get home from work about 6 25 am but one morning I decided to go to the store first and you called me to see was I ok cause I had not came home yet. So thoughtful, so concerned, so loving. You can never be replaced.I am so lost now and sometimes I don't know who I am or what I am going to do. I cry so hard sometimes till I can't breathe and I know you see me son and don't want me to do that but you also see the hurt and pain that I am going through because you was such a great son that showed me nothing but love and respect and closeness. When we did get to go any where together you would always be hugging me. People often thought we were boy friend and girl friend because of it but it was just my loving son showing love for his mother. And if we go to eat we would both be trying to pay the tab talking bout I got it ma and I'm like Nah I got it son. We both wanted to pay. I love you so much son. We had an amazing and inseparable bond. I am so grateful that I was always there when you needed me and called. I would give you my last dime with a smile on my face and you would do me the same way if you had to. It was so hard to watch you in that room with all those tubes and everything and I couldn't do anything to help you but pray, pray, pray, and cry. A part of me went with you. You were my first born wonderful gift from God and I am so grateful unto Him for giving me you such a Blessing you were. The best son any mother could have ever asked for. You were a Taurus just like me. April 28 and I May 9. But you were better than me. I am glad I told you that I was proud of the man that you had grown to be. I didn't get a chance to hear you speak Spanish but I was told you were fluent with it and I believe it cause you were good with what ever you chose to do. One proud mom. You never ceased to amaze me. You always respected me and never allowed any one that you was with to disrespect me. You were taught to respect your elders and you continued to do that throughout your life. I often got compliments from different adults on how respectful and mannerable you were. Thank you son for my grand daughter. I pray that I live to see her graduate from high shool and attend college just like you did. Oh how you are missed and wished you were still here just busy as usual. Life has not been the same nor will it ever be the same. This void can not be filled. The sound of your voice, the joy that comes from your jokes and your laughter, your wisdom and knowledge that you shared, your smile, your positive attitude and energy, your hugs and kisses that you gave, your love and your heart of passion and genuine concern for others. You and all of these things that you gave are dearly missed. You were the true definition of a one of a kind and unique young man son, grand son, father, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, in-law, companion, spouse, and friend. We all loved you and you will forever be in our hearts. Whether it was sun or rain, hurt or pain, you never gave up you kept on striving to the very end. God saw that your were a striver that wasn't going to stop but had gotten very tired, weak and worn. So He did what he thought was best He rescued you and took you home to rest. Rest well my child in love and peace. We shall see you again one day. Love always (mom)

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