My loving son, Scott

by Donna

Scott was my son that was someone that I loved dearly. He was a great athlete and even played professional hockey. He worked hard at everything he did and accomplished more in his lifetime then I ever did. He just turned 38 and he always worked out by running, using weights and just climbing mountains near him. He graduated from college and worked for the Federal Government as an Agent. Scott was very welcoming and just a great person. He would make sure we had all the essentials for us when we would come and visit him from 2 weeks to 1 month. He showed us respect and we could talk and joke around with just about anything. We would visit him out West during the Winter months and we would really just "chill out" with him. Scott would watch his diet and and would scold us for having chips and goodies. God took a special person and he is missed every second, minute, hour, days and weeks. I love him dearly. He had a sudden heart attack, even though he could run 10 miles in one of his workouts. He worked midnights and had problems sleeping, but it was just looked at that is how it is. He told me that he had panic attacks and I would just tell him that he worried too much. His doctor said the same as I did. I talked to him hours before and he told me he was feeling good and was going to sleep because he had to get up for work. He asked me to call him to make sure he was up. So I told him I would call him. When I tried to call and there was no answer I was upset and thought his phone was turned off and he was on his way to work. He would text me a message that he was at work. But, I never received a message and called his apartment complex to check if he was there. I could go on and on, but that was the worst day in my life and I live it everyday and wonder WHY??WHY??

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