My loving son, Scott

by Donna

Scott was my son that was someone that I loved dearly. He was a great athlete and even played professional hockey. He worked hard at everything he did and accomplished more in his lifetime then I ever did. He just turned 38 and he always worked out by running, using weights and just climbing mountains near him. He graduated from college and worked for the Federal Government as an Agent. Scott was very welcoming and just a great person. He would make sure we had all the essentials for us when we would come and visit him from 2 weeks to 1 month. He showed us respect and we could talk and joke around with just about anything. We would visit him out West during the Winter months and we would really just "chill out" with him. Scott would watch his diet and and would scold us for having chips and goodies. God took a special person and he is missed every second, minute, hour, days and weeks. I love him dearly. He had a sudden heart attack, even though he could run 10 miles in one of his workouts. He worked midnights and had problems sleeping, but it was just looked at that is how it is. He told me that he had panic attacks and I would just tell him that he worried too much. His doctor said the same as I did. I talked to him hours before and he told me he was feeling good and was going to sleep because he had to get up for work. He asked me to call him to make sure he was up. So I told him I would call him. When I tried to call and there was no answer I was upset and thought his phone was turned off and he was on his way to work. He would text me a message that he was at work. But, I never received a message and called his apartment complex to check if he was there. I could go on and on, but that was the worst day in my life and I live it everyday and wonder WHY??WHY??

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Jul 03, 2021
Scott, you are loved forever
by: Anonymous

Scott, I think of you all the time. I picture your smile, especially when you were with us. You would joke around and just take away all of our troubled thoughts. Thank God for bringing you into our lives, you were the biggest joy that came into our lives when you were born. You definitely were a handful, but those memories keep me sane right now. I carry pictures of you in a heart that I keep close to my heart. I have a picture of you next to me every night, even when we travel. You are truly missed. I still have your car that we went together to buy when you had a cast on your right foot. I cry tears of joy for all the good times we had together and I miss all of them.

Your father misses the trips that you took him up and down the mountains. Those trips helped him realize how strong of a person you were. It made him stronger. Since those climbs he had a knee replacement and is doing well.

We visit your site in Parkview cemetery quite often. The maintenance supervisor, Phil takes special care of your site. He put in new sod, which he waters, cuts, and fertilizes to keep it looking good. They call it the Border Patrol grave and even shovel paths to it when the snow falls. Scott, you are truly loved and missed by everyone.

There is not a day go by that I think of you and how great of a person you were. I do not fear death anymore because I know I will see you again. I cry tears everyday because of the love you had for everyone, especially for your family. We were blessed for 38 great years and those are always remembered.

Love you always, mom

Dec 13, 2020
Scott, you are always on my mind
by: Mom

I think of you all all the time. The last time I talked to you was when you called me on December 4, 2015 at 3:53 p.m. EST, which was 12:53 PST. You told me that you worked out and ran and was feeling a lot better. You were not feeling well two days earlier and told me that you were vomiting. I told you that it could have been something you ate or that you may have the flu. Boy, I was wrong, you were probably having a heart problem and you working out did not help you.
We were blessed to have you as a son for 38 years. We enjoyed visiting you for a month or more. The great memories that your father and I talk about, are cherished. I visualize you and your great smile. One time at Road Runner you were buying your father a pair of shoes and inserts and saw your great smile. Your father remembers all the times you went out with him to get him a pair for his birthday. He still keeps the last pair you bought him.
It is close to Christmas 2020 and we talked out how we would be at your place because you were truly a pleasant son to spend a lot of time with. We could joke around and laugh about almost anything.
Scott, I miss seeing your beautiful blue eyes and great smile. Again, thank you for being our son.
We have a light at your grave site that is on at night. We pass by almost every night to see your light. The grounds keepers have put in sod and for Christmas they put on a blanket and wreath. The workers have taken care of your grave site. They call your site "the Border Patrol" site. Scott, you are always loved.

Oct 29, 2020
Scot, you are always on my mind
by: Donna Felker

Scott, I live every day thinking about you and seeing your beautiful smile. I cherish all the great memories that we had. You were a blessing to us and made my life a lot better. I think about how you are missed and my life goes on without you on earth. I am just living my life with a broken heart, which will never be healed without seeing or talking to you. I cry every time I think of you and have many reminders of you. We now use the cozy coyote cover you bought us and we really like it. I also wear pajamas that you bought me years ago, but they are my favorite. You left us with many great memories. We have a light at the cemetery that we go by almost every night. God, I wish you were here. Love you always....Mom

May 01, 2020
Scott, my loving son
by: Anonymous

SCOTT, I am looking at your picture when you graduated from The University of Michigan and your smile ws so innocent looking make me so proud of you. That was a good day for all of us. The memories that I have of you help me to cope with my loss of you, the best person I have ever known. You are a son that I have so many great memories to ponder upon in my days and nights. You are a missing link that can never be replaced without you here. Days and nights go by, but without you around to talk to makes them miserable. You were the one person that I could relate to more then anyone else. You were so good to us when we came to visit you, which I truly cherish. Those are memories that help me when I think of you. You were everything as a son that a mother could only wish for. I still talk to you and think of you when I see reminders of you. You are still in my life everyday and that will never change. I Love you everyday and night and you are always on my mind. I keep pictures of you next to me and talking to you before I go to sleep.
Love you always,


May 23, 2019
by: Donna Felker

Scott, you are on my mind all the time. I cherish the time we had and you made us feel loved and the extras you did for us. You worked hard to accomplish in your life. I am proud to talk about you and your goodness towards people including your family and friends. You were a positive influence on people around you and did not have a bad word to say about anyone. I respect you as my son and look back at all of your positive traits. I love you for being my son and giving me the opportunity to say that I raised a son that makes me proud. Love you forever, Mother.

Dec 26, 2018
Sad Christmas without you here
by: Anonymous

Scott, Christmas time is a time we would spend with you and ir is hard to celebrate happy times. The month you passed you had tickets to take your father to the Gulls game in San Diego. Your father and I went to the game and they had your picture up at middle ice. Your memories are very important to us because they were always great. I think of you many times every day and I will sometimes smile because I think of your smile. You were so special to us because you were so thoughtful to us. I wish I could thank you for being my son and being such a great son. Thank God we had 38 years with you and I will be happy to see you again. I know that you were welcomed in heaven because you have a lot of love to give. I talk to you all the time, especially late at night because that is when we would talk. You worked midnights and your time was 3 hours earlier then ours. Scott, being your mother I feel I lost you and it hurts not being able to talk to you. I do remember when you left after Thanksgiving I gave you a hug at the airport. That was special because it was the last hug I gave you. Love you Always, Mother

Oct 01, 2018
Love Never Dies-Always love you
by: mother

Scott, you are missed and I talk to you everyday. I miss talking to you almost every night like I did before God took you away. You were the best gift in my life and cannot wait to see you again in heaven to give you a big hug. I still remember hugging you at the airport a week before you left to go back to San Diego. That was a hug that makes me feel that I was glad to see you and wish you a safe trip. I was the last family person to talk to you and you told me that you were feeling better.
I am glad you were at home the week before you went to heaven. That is a good memory that I think of all the time. I keep your pictures next to me all the time. I even take you pictures every time we go away. Your picture in in my wallet and I see you every time I open it. I keep your pictures in a heart that I wear all the time. I see your picture on the ledge on the fireplace. You are in my mind all the time. I write to you in a book with the University of Michigan on front of it.

Love you Always,

Mar 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

Scott is always on my mind, I miss and love him so much. I always think of you as a strong, thoughtful son who was the best. You were always thinking and worried about your mom and dad. Never did we ever think that you would leave us, because you had a lot to look forward to. You finished college, was in a respected career and you had feelings for others. You would tell us about problems others had and would help them out. You worked hard at everything you accomplished and were admired by many, including us. Life is hard without you to talk to and talk about almost anything. Scott you are loved and God please take care of him.. Love you forever "Mother, as you would call me".

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