My Husband, David McCrimmon

by Angela McCrimmon
(Livingston, Scotland)

There are days that I will always remember,
I will never forget the 1st of September,
For that day I felt so sad and alone,
You decided it was time to take him home.
Even now it's still hard to believe,
I don't understand why you took him from me,
I don't understand why you took him so young,
Why you decided his short life was done.
Each night by his bed I would silently pray,
That a miracle you might send our way,
A miracle I know only you could give,
I prayed so hard "Lord, please let him live"
I prayed you would help him, I prayed you would heal,
After all of these years it still doesn't seem real,
After all of these years I still feel the pain,
When my memory takes me back there again.
I pray he's in Heaven, I pray he's with you,
It's the thought of this that pulls me through,
You blessed us with marriage before the end,
I know this was a gift only you could send.
I tried to be strong and hold it inside,
As that night my husband closed his eyes,
I knew it was close, that it wouldn't be long,
Til his fight was over and his pain was gone.
I held his hand as I watched him breathe,
Tears ran down my face, I couldn't believe,
We'd been married just hours, it was hard to believe,
That you wanted to take this man from me.
It was hard to accept, what could I say,
His life wasn't meant to end this way,
His life wasn't meant to be this short,
I had a broken heart that the world forgot.
Most of the time I don't ask why,
Why you had to make us say goodbye,
I don't understand and I will not until,
I don't understand....but one day I will

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