my hero

by okezie blessing
(lagos, lagos, nigeria)

dad u were more than a dad,though u are gone,ur memories will ever be there.i miss u so much,u are an honourable man.i love u forever even at death,i love u daddy

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Nov 14, 2010
My Dad Apologized @ 70 years old!
by: Anonymous

To All the Dads,
My Dad left us when I was 11 years old and I remember the words he whispered in my ear as he came in to say goodnight. Dad said that he had to go away. I remember his whiskers as they rubbed my face and it felt like sandpaper. I remember asking him when he would return;this question had no answer as I looked up and seen my Dad walking out of our room. My brother was asleep in the same bed as me as we shared a double bed.
I knew that question would never be answered as my Dad had to leave for the sanity of our family. The police used to come to our house so often I though that they were my uncles, actually I am kidding about being uncles but not about the fact they were often visiting. My Dad leaving was the best thing that he did for his family as the fights, yelling and assaults on my Mother finally stopped that night.
I did locate my Dad as I was older and tried to have a relationship with him but it usually never worked out for some reason or another.
Well, I am finally at the part where he became my Hero. When my Dad was 70 years old he gave me a call at home and said that he wanted to talk to me. When my Dad began to talk his voice had a lamenting tone as he reflected back his life with my Mom, my brother and me. His reflections were all based on the wrongs that he did to our family and all of the pain and suffering that he made us all endure.
Next, Dad asked for my forgiveness. I paused for a moment to wipe the tears from my face and simpliy said that "I forgive you." My dad was shocked as he thought that I was not going to forgive him and that it would have been a lecture from me.

I explained to my Dad that the forgiveness was always there when ever he decided that he was ready to change his life. Dad went on to say that he felt so relieved that the burden of guilt that he carried for the last 50 years was lifted. Dad said that he was going to call my brother and speak to him and ask for his forgiveness. a few days later my brother called me and said that our Dad was trying to reach him and that he ignored the call because all of the previous calls had been requests for money.

As my brother waited for another call from our Dad I received a phone call from his wife, who was the women he left my mother for when I was eleven years old. His wife went in to say that my Dad just had a stroke and was unable to speak. She went on to explain how he was in the hospital and what were the Doc's expectations for recovery. My Dad never had an opportunity to speak to my brother and died months later.

My Dad was my hero as he realized before his death that he was human, made mistakes and finally had the courage to ask for forgiveness. If any other Dads read this post and you are not a Hero in your child's eyes then take a moment to ask for forgiveness, if it is needed as every day is a gift and don't take a moment for granted.

Thanks and enjoy your moments,

Oct 16, 2010
Jusy Beautiful
by: Anonymous

I can hear you with this one as My Dad is Gone 7 I miss him so Much But our Dad's will always be with us

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