my daughter misty . vist me...

by pamela poteete
(humbolt tenn)

Visit me... Visit me at night when ,I am sleeping. Take me places ,We have gone to and places we werent able too. Visit me during the day and show me that you are here with me. Whisper in my ear,Only the things that i can hear ,As you gently blow your passionate wind upon my cheek ,My hair moves softly upon my shoulders, as if you planted a kiss there. Visit me during the night ,As i lay awake , missing you ,Your laughter , your smile, your touch ,Oh so much. Visit me when my heart is breaking for you only you ,Show me, the stars that wink at me and sailor moons that smile and says , hello mom , i love you. So visit me when you can .I miss , you so much. I miss holding your hand. Visit me..

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