My Daddy

by Sarah

My Daddy was my heart. He was the kindest, gentlest person on earth. Everyone loved him dearly.

He had congestive heart failure. He left this world on January 31, 2010. I cannot get over the loss. I nursed him for a week. My Mom and I were with him when he took his last breath, on either side of him, holding his hand. He died at home.

I cannot get past the fact that he is gone. I am in a constant fog. I go about my daily job robotically. I work in the healthcare field and it is becoming difficult to put on a happy face everyday when you have a crushing feeling on your chest. I miss him so very much. I feel him around me everyday and it makes me even sadder because I cannot kiss his little face and embrace him. I know it will get better someday but I cannot cope with this heavy heart.

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Feb 25, 2011
Closer Than You Think
by: Barbara Armijo

I'm so sorry 4 ur loss. Losing a parent never heals enough 2 make the pain go away but u can make it easier 4 yourself. I lost my dad 3 weeks after 9/11. My daddy was my voice of reasoning, my words of wisdom, Very wise where most men were blind And the first man I ever loved!Nature felt the same, when we lived in Alaska he had a momma grizzly 2 cubs (wild) as pets and as a child growing up he had a relationship with bees that would freak me out! He could get them flying around 2 land on his finger, pet it on its butt asking how Its day was then bid it farewell as it flew away!(No Lie!) My dad was one with nature, with the Universe! A month had past and I was blocking any signs of dad coming through, nothing while my other family members were getting all kinds of signs, naturally I was upset, why everyone but me? He passed Oct. 7, 2001, on Nov. 6th It was a beautiful day, slider door open, a bee flew in, I was having a bad day where he was concerned, I hadn't broke down yet, still numb. I spoke 2 dad and told him "If ur really here and I'm blocking u then get that bee out!" So I stood and watched this bee acting like it wanted 2 land on nothing then it gave up and landed on the ceiling, as I turned away, sarcastically "Yah thats about what I thought!" B4 I could finish turning, that bee hit the floor with such force, regained itself and flew out the door! I could feel my dad! So much so, I slid down the wall and thats when I broke, I cried hard, like a little child and I was 37 yrs old then.. See the day dad passed I tried 2 call but no one would get a phone 2 him, I begged just feeling something that said This Call MUST Get Through! He passed that evening and I was unable 2 speak 2 him.. So when I felt him hold me as I cried I told him everything I longed 2 say. Later that night my husband and I went down 2 our business so he could work some and I'd get on computer an check e-mails, I had one that was from NO-ONE, it simply said "A Message From Heaven", thats all. Normally one would reject as could be a virus but the way my day went, I opened it. It was from my dad, It said "I never want 2 c u cry the way I did today, while thinking of the many things we didn't get 2 say.." Miracle? Nah, Love will bring anyone through, You just have 2 listen and talk like it was yesterday, forget they're gone, Because I promise They are closer than you think and your seperation is only temorary.. Concentrate on that, not what they went through or how you lost them Because I Promise You, You will see them again, "Its only for a little while." Our Daddy's r probably together while I write this to you and Believe You, Me, There is MUCH Love being projected here! Even If this is not what's going on, It's a warm feeling right now, even for a minute.. But I Promise You from my heart to our Divine and back to your heart, "I Speak The Truth.." Daddy Says So.. I Wish You an open heart and ears that can hear all he says 2 you, If you listen closely you will..

Feb 03, 2011
my daddy
by: Anonymous

my father was the reason that i felt safe in every disicion that i made. I have had to grow up but I dont want to please can I have my daddy back now he has gone far too long.

Apr 09, 2010
I am sorry for your loss.
by: Anonymous

I am very sorry for your loss. I lost my father about 4 months ago and the journey seems to be getting worse. I am grateful for the times when I am numb.

Take care.God Bless you.

Feb 22, 2010
I am so sorry for your loss
by: Janelle


I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you walk through this difficult season of life.

May you find ways to commemorate his life and your grief journey that are truly healing for you.


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