my dad

by karen
(ryhope sunderland)

dad im so sorry if you think i have let you down but since you passed away i know i have tried to distance myself from the rest of the family as i feel i no longer belong i will never forget the last time i saw you i was rushing as we were going to scarbrough for the day and you telling me i had better take care of our courtney (your great granchild)that was at 11 50 on the 30th aug 10 all that day i had an uneasy feeling then on the way home we passed your house and saw the flashing blue lights of the ambulance it was not right out side but i had a feeling it was for you then when we got in i phoned and our elaine answered and told me she would ring back i had no idea how bad you were about a hour later i recieved a phone call telling me my brother was coming to take me to the hospital as you were in a bad way when i seen you i kept hoping against hope that you were going to be ok but deep down i knew you were going so we were told to say our goodbyes i still find it hard i really love and miss you dad and i hope you are there helping us to move as if you are watching over us you will know we have bought a house and this will be the first time we have moved without you helping and taking control so i hope your there with us on the day will never 4get you dad from all of us xxx

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