mr edward george kostka

by wanda kostka

the best man i have known
my young bro
the boy who annoyed me
the teenaged who infuriated me
the young man who idolised me
became the best man i have ever know....
he care,he loved,he laufed,he was the best there was
picked me up after we lost our big bro sandy kostka in 2004
i couldnt have lived without ed
he kept me alive
then he left
he never came home....
i cry,i dont understand anything anymore
all i ask is i need my bro i ask for him plz
but i never hear a reply
and i do know why
he is with our bro,having fun i should be
with them
they are in the wrong place i cant find them
maybe when my time comes.i can play with them again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ED..YOUR SISS WANDA XX

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Jun 01, 2019
The memories are my wealth
by: Wanda kostka

I learned my Brothers partner has moved on change his sons names I understand that she wants to move on I wish that for her ,she cut contact and disappeared with the. Boys and their

Oct 11, 2017
Why you all left me ! Now I am alone
by: Wanda kostka

Dad Grandma
Tadueuz Edward Kostka 61 Rosemary Nowak 84

Sandy Kostka 33
Wanda Kostka
Eddy Kostka 29
We haven’t much to say now us all apart from me gone

Jun 10, 2015
Now and Then
by: Wanda

Then and now

Nearly 7YR has gone by
And as you probably know
I am not able to explain
How i can close my eyes and i hear that hiya siss
I hear you are gigging,
Clearly not even a little different, then a shake of.the head, next i awake
Your not here xxxxx

Jul 18, 2014
time never is a healer
by: wanda kostka

I still come back here ,and I read over and over the poem.......
this is a terrible misconception
people say all the time
but I will never heal
2 holes in my heart are never healed
so I can now say you only try to live with
all the pain, not heal the pain
I survive now
I don't just exist in a pool of grief
but always will pine for my

Jun 29, 2014
by: Wanda Kostka

My sweet brother has been gone , joined our big brother sandy, I have been left behind xxxx

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