Most amazing mother - Parvathy Sivaraman

by Kartik Sivaraman
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Feb-1-1928 to Jul-16-2012
Gone but not forgotten

You are remembered everyday of our lives.
You are remembered for your positive attitude.
You are remembered for you perseverance.
You are remembered for your generosity.
You are remembered for your kindness and care.
You are indeed the most amazing mother.

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Jun 21, 2018
I hear your words Joey...
by: Anonymous

I too lost my dad,when I was very young. He was my everything,just as your mum did, my dad nurtured me into the strong woman I am today....
I believe they are our guardian angels and they watch over us.

I love the way you write, beautiful words, says who you are...

Dec 17, 2017
by: Godpower

Please, i lost my mother in-law. Please permit me to copy your wonderful comments.

Jul 22, 2015
A Beautiful tribute
by: Anonymous

I lost my Mother. Please permit me to use some lines from your text a beautiful tribute.

Aug 30, 2013
Parvathi..a name to be cherished
by: Joey Govindasami

Thanks for sharing these special words...I lost my mom 40 days ago and was remembering her life when I came across your dedication.

My mum shared the same name as your mum...and your words touched me, so much....I will take counsel from those wise words as Parvathi lived the same life....Parvathi is to me my rock. She is by far the strongest woman I have ever known. She has had many trials in her life and tragedy's, yet she overcomes all of them. And becomes even stronger than before. I remember as I think back on hard times the strength she had. I remember always saying to her, your so strong Mom, losing dad, 47 Years ago and bringing up 8 Children on your own, without a day of sadness or grief....

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