Missing you more over Easter

by Lerato Maribe
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

My Dearest Mbali,

The easter holidays were so empty and hard to get by without you. I miss you so much, now more than ever. I feel bad at how Rea has had to grow up so fast. she is taking good care of me and she is my pillar when I can't cope.

God has blessed us greatly, I am expecting again. We are not sure if it's a boy or a girl, but Daddy wants a girl. Even though this baby is not replacing you in our hearts and home, Daddy feels having a little girl again will help us cope better than we are right now.

I on the other hand, have these split emotions in me, pain of loosing you and the joy of this little person growing inside me. You need to know that this baby is going to know all about you all his/her life and am asking that you watch over him/her like you've been watching over us.

As the years go BY, maybe holidays won't affect me that much. I know I'll never get used to this, but I promise to learn to live with it and be a good mommy to your siblings. Keep smiling and visiting us like you do.

I love you my angel and will always carry you in my heart and spirit.

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