missing my daughter

by Robin schmidt

my daughter had a perscription drug problem. she was 26yrs. 3-13-83 1-11-10. she has 2 kids zoey 6yrs macy 4yrs. her name was ashley. she died of a drug overdose. we have dealt with her problem for a while. it was accidental. i have been so miserable. its been a year im learning how to live life without her.

i had her when i was 16yrs i feel like part of me died to. everybody says im doing good. i just feel i need to help someone going through this. i dont know if that means try to talk to drug addicts, except i couldnt help her and i have several family members on drugs and this loss has not helped them. maybe i should help listen to other parents how lost their child. im trying to decide what to do.

i do know i couldnt have made it without god family, friends to talk to and of course my grandchildren. oh and my husband. she was saved. ive learned she had a disease drug addiction it took over her life. i miss her so much. never thought i would bury my child. our church family has been so good to us. i dont know how any one could go through this without god and loving family and friends. god bless anyone going through loss.

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Feb 18, 2014
I feel your loss
by: Mikes mom

I feel your pain. We just lost our thirty year old son in nov. 2013 to a drug overdose. I too miss him so much. He had 2 beautiful children so at least he lives on in them. God has really been the one that helps me. I know that my son is better off now that he is with Jesus. He don't wake up every morning wondering how hes going to get high today. I am so thankful that his struggle is over. Sure we miss them so much but, I wouldn't wish him back to the same life he was living. We must just pray everyday for God to heal our hearts and to be with us all day long. I'll be praying for you too. Stay strong.

Apr 29, 2013
miss my son
by: Amanda

I lost my son Patrick ,January 18, 2013 from accidental heroin overdose he was 19 years old , he had a smile that would light up the world and a heart of gold he loved his cat, turtles and every babyhe saw. He could make you laugh so hard you woule in your pants. We miss him so much luv his mom, dad,.brothers and his sissy , family & friends he

May 03, 2012
by: Diane

today is the fifth day I have had to live on this earth without my daughter. she died April 27, 2012. She was clean and off drugs for two years and for a reason unknown to me she took her drug of choice alone in her home and died. She was for a short time in life the daughter i knew before drugs took over everything. She was happy, cheerful, she was now married, she was back in school. I spoke with her tues ApriL 24th she was well and then I recieve a phone call from her husband Melody is dead, from overdose what happened. I feel numb can't eat, can;t sleep. I have gone over every conversation we have had looking for signs and found none. But this will never bring her back she is gone I will never hear her laugh, see a grandchild so much has been taken and I am lost and broken.

Apr 29, 2012
My sons death, he was 20 years old
by: Anonymous

I lost my son not even a year ago, I had him when I was 16 years old. It's kind of like we grew up together. He was so talented and had a promising future ahead of him. I have four children altogether and he was the oldest and the most responsible kid. He died in my home after he had spent a week in the hospital to get off prescription medications. See he lost his dad so he went to talk to a professional about it and they automatically put him on medications for depression. He became hooked and addicted. So after spending a week in the hospital since he went there to get off them i assumed he was off. My 17 year old son found him and came and got me. There my son was slumped over in his chair at his computer he was gone. I still can hear my 17 years voice when he was trying to wake him up. It haunts me cause no one had to tell me it was in my other sons voice that I knew he was gone. I lost it. The rest of that day is a blur, but i know the pain of lossing a child there is nothing worse. After my sons death I found out that instead of the hospital getting him off the prescriptions well they instead gave him 7 new ones and let him go. I'm so angry, how could they? I don't understand and I probably never will understand. It's all I think about every minute of everyday. I put a smile on my face everyday and go to work and act like life is good. When really I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. My son was going to college and was an talented artist. He was my baby and now I'm suppose to live life without him. Its really hard and everything reminds me of him. My youngest son even looks like him when he was that age. Anyways, my heart goes out to those who have lost a child cause there is nothing worse. God Bless!

Jun 17, 2011
Missing Erika
by: lKlatchford@aol.com

On May 15th our world changed forever. My husband and I received a call from a police officer that our daughter (26 y/o) was on route from her place of employment to our local hospital of an apparent drug overdose. She was found in the restroom in a bathroom stall not breathing with a needle in her arm. They said she was not breathing for 10-45 minutes before someone found her. WHY? She had the world by the tail: she was beautiful, she was in the US Army Reserve, she was a Pitt Golden Girl majorette, had a bachelor's degree, going for her master's, a majorette coach for a local high school, a boyfriend for 3 months but friends with him for 9 years, many friends, and a family that loved her so much. Some so called friends and a few cousins knew she was doing herion but noone told us. WHY? How do you go on living without her? WHY didn't someone tell us? WHY ERIKA WHY?

Jun 05, 2011
My daughter died of a heroin overdose 5 years ago
by: ecnative

I relinquished my parental rights to my duaghter 31 years ago. I began my search for her in August of 2010. I found out in Feb of 2011 that she died of a heroin overdose in Feb 2006. She was 26. I am still devastated. I held my daughter when she was 3 days old. I will never meet my daughter again on Earth. I also feel so much sadness and ache for her adoptive parents as they have raised her. This is truly so painful.

So hard to live this. One day I will meet her

Mar 03, 2011
by: Diane

My brother died of a drug overdose 3 weeks ago. My mother had to bury her child like you. The pain that I see in her eyes really hurts. I miss my brother dearly. I still am trying to cope,and understand his death.He had 4 children a son born 7 weeks ago. We must have faith in God's Word that we will be resurrected with a new body. No more sorrow, no more pain. Meditating on His Word is what helps me cope. Also seeing his beautiful children full of life makes me enjoy my life. My mother seems to find some peace in remembering his life, and not his death. Just the last time she saw him standing in her kitchen laughing, and barbecuing. May God's peace be with you, and bring a smile to you're face as it does my mother's. Your'e grandchildren need you. God Bless.

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