Missing my Best Friend

by Alicia Webber
(Lewiston,Maine )

My mother died of terminal cancer on July 12,2015, and I have been terribly heartsick ever since. I was not with her when she passed away but every day since she died I have been tested by the knowledge that she is never coming back. I love my mom very much still even though she is gone forever and I only wish that she could be here with me now because she truly was the only one who was really there for me when I was in trouble(in my family other than my father). We used to fight all the time but we always made up like an old married couple and I miss being able to talk to her about all of the thoughts that are constantly raging inside of my brain day in and day out. I could talk to her about any of the things that made me upset, be that about men, my being raped at the age of seven, and so forth. Our bond continues even though she is dead. I still seek peace over her death and I hope that by looking inward I will find it at last. I love you Ma and I miss you dearly and I hope that you are in heaven with your parents, George Edwards and Della Edwards. Alicia Webber

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