Melanie Yvonne Jean-Jacques (January 5, 1933 - April 10, 2009)

by Preslaire Charles
(Miami FL, USA)

My Mum & I

My Mum & I

A mother's love must always find something to do for its beloved child. As long as a mother can take care of, caress, or comfort then she is capable of bearing her sadness. She will put aside the thoughts of "what ifs", of "blankness", and "despair" that may follow by her occupation in doing something practical in the present. This safeguards her from collapsing entirely. This made my mother eager to dedicate her passion to motherhood. In addition, how brave it made her! Ah, a mother's love, what will it not dare or do?

My mother was not skilled with pen and paper; yet, her life and legacy, her passion for life, her compassion for others, and her loyalty to her faith, her self-sacrifice, and an uncomplaining spirit remains etched with a platinum pen with an exquisite diamond tip and a steady flow of spectrum light on the souls of those she loved, touched, and served. I myself am forever grateful for the influence that Her love, wisdom, amity, discipline and guidance had in my life.

Although she was unknown by the world except in the narrow circles of her home, labor, faith, and friendships; yet, she is well renown in the sight of the All-Seeing One of Eternity. Hence, in the future, when the Supreme Majesty Who Sees and Knows All open the Sacred Annals, He will remember her, and He will commend her for her steadfast devotion.

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Dec 04, 2021
God bless you and your mother NEW
by: Mary (

Your obituary moves me beyond words each time I read it. And yes, it almost could have been my own mother's.
i don't know you but from the photo I can see that my mother and yours, even though they come from different climes and have had probably very different lives, they can be sisters.
Thank you so much for your lovely sentiments. Although my mother died in 2019, I have not been able to write such a tribute and I hold off because I cannot. I've thought of copying some of your words but that would not be fair to either of us or to them.
May God grant your mother the eternal life she most deserves and may God bless you for your love for her that comes from your very soul.

Sep 24, 2013
Reflections of my mother
by: Gracie B. Potts

This is so beautiful and well written. It expressed my sentiments about the loss of my mother.

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