Mama Aminata Turay - A dedicated Mother

by Rev. Amos K. Bunduka
(Freetown, Sierra Leonec)

Mama, nineteen years have faded away so fast
The two seeds you sow have germinated and grown into big trees and the trees are now bearing fruits
O mama where are you?
If the grave was a place to visit, you would have come back to eat the fruit of your labour
Mama, the illiterate gardener, worked under the rains and sun to see her seed grow into fruitful trees
Mama, the trees are now grown up but where are to eat the fruits of your labour?
Mama, I am still seeing carrying loads of manure on your head to make sure these trees grows and produce
Your dreams have come to reality but in your absence
Mama as the wind blew, fruits fell from the trees and I see people from the neighbourhood coming to have a feed from the trees
Neighbours who refused and rejected you help in caring for these trees
O Mama where are you?
Death had refused you to eat from your labour
Death had deprived you of your right but your memories will always remain
Mama, thank you for making us who we are today
You will never be forgotten because the seeds you planted have made people to always remember you
Mama we love!
Written by: Rev. Amos K. Bunduka

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