Luke Michael Rock Vaughan and ShiAnna Echo of Summer Cattaneo

by DeAnna Vaughan Vitale
(Santa Cruz, California USA)

My son Luke.
You were my light. Your shy smile and quiet ways. You loved running and playing with your friends. Everyone loved you. You were such a good baby and toddler people would forget you were there. You would play with lego's or color and draw and just be. We lived close to the Redwood Forest and near the ocean. You were born in Ventura, California on September 4th 1980. We moved to Santa Cruz California when you were 1 years old. It was you and me. Always you and me. The night you died was one of the worst nights. I wish I would of died with you.
But life goes on even when we don't want it to. Nothing has been the same since you left. You were almost 6 when you left. I still miss you son and wish so much you hadn't gone. I love you son.

ShiAnna you were born in July on a summer day. The year was 1977. I carried you in my stomach proudly. We lived on the beach in Lake Tahoe, California. We swam and soaked in the sun. We made many friends on the beach. When you were born it was me and you. Our home delivery turned into an emergency c-section. You were breech and did not want to turn around. I cherished you. Your cheeks were rosy and your eyes were wide and bright. Fall came. I woke up and your spirit had left. Another one of the worst days of my life. Autopsy at my request no reason found. I miss you my daughter.

I miss you two with all of my being. Some folks say it is time to move on. I say you never move on from loosing your kids. You learn to live with the loss. Embrace the pain and live with a piece of yourself gone. You don't want the pieces back inside. Wherever you are tonight know I was a better person because of you. You are missed and never replaced.
From Your Moma

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Mar 08, 2024
Love NEW
by: Robert

I missed you Luke and my little shianna, I've been lonely.

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