Lilly Mary Taylor Steckly

by Shauna

My grandma was the fairest person I have ever known. Not fair in just in beauty but in judgment. She was not afraid to speak her mind but she always spoke it with grace mercy and wisdom.

Gma was a wonderful caretaker of me and my brother when mom and dad had to be gone. I remember having chicken pox really bad and after a soothing bath of epsom salts I sat on the edge of her bed naked and she gently and tenderly dabbed chalomine lotion over all the red bumps.

She never drove but that was to my advantage because we would take her on trips to Oregon and anywhere else she would come with us. My dad camperized a van and we traveled very comfortably.

Gma taught me how to play cards, play fair, be a good sport, enjoy tea, enjoy differences, love without boundaries, pray, respect and honor God in my life. I only had the privelege to know her until I was 18, not very long.

I wish so many times she was here to tell her all that is going on in my life. I know she would love me and give me her Godly wisdom with extravagant grace and mercy. That is just how she was. I'm so thankful for her and her input in my life even though it wasn't long enough in my mind. She lived longer than Gpa and she told me once that she never dreamed she would live 15 years longer than he. She was grateful for every day and treasured the day as a gift from God. She suffered with cancer and even in her frail state of skin and bones she was my treasure. I hope that I can learn from her example and follow in her footsteps. Thank you Lord for the years, days and hours you gave me with my dear Grandma Steckly!

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