Leah T Stevens

by Rhonda
(Alberta, Canada)

The beloved and beautiful Leah Stevens was killed in a car accident August 19, 2004, she was 15 years old. While travelling away from home she and her 12 year old sister Tamara were riding together in a car which spun out of control, the driver swerved off the road to avoid on-coming traffic, and smashed into a light pole.

They were both rushed to the hospital, Leah was unconscious and in bad shape, i received a call at 12:30 am by my daughter crying and yelling hysterically, it was the phone call every mother dreads, she said they were in a car accident and my daughter was rushed into surgery.

The worst part was being so far away from her, i had to sit on a plane for 5 hours all the while thinking my daughter is dead and having no way of knowing for sure.

I ran into the hospital, i screamed and yelled but none of the nurses would let me see my daughter, they made me sit in a room until a nurse finally let me in the or to see my daughter, she was completely covered in a white sheet from head to toe, Tamara was sitting next to her crying. I felt numb, not a singe emotion, standing there looking at my babies motionless body. My other two sons and my husband joined me and i watched as they cried and consoled each other, still unable to feel a thing. That night changed my life forever, I am a doctor and i can't go to work anymore cause every time someone comes in i think of my daughter and how i couldn't help her. my heart is broken beyond repair, and my family torn apart, i have know idea who i even am anymore.

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Jun 13, 2011
Coping in my family
by: Rhonda

Thank you everyone for your support. Everyone in the family reacted differently to the loss of Leah. My husband through himself into work, completing one project after another. My oldest son seemed to cope the best. he met the love of his life and is now married but he is very resistant to having children because of Leah's death. My younger son does a lot of drinking and partying, going from one girl to the next. apart from his professional life he is a total mess and i know he is still depressed.
My other daughter Chelsea who was with her sister in the car took it the hardest. She blames herself for the death of her best friend/sister. She was wrongly treated by a man she should have been able to trust and i don't know how to help her. She doesn't listen to anything i say and she is always acting out but she has her life on a good track. she is going to university now and she is determined to be a police officer. she is tough, she tells no one that she had a sister, and keeps everything inside. I know her personal life will suffer because of what she has been through and she will have a very hard time trusting anyone she love
As for me, I got through the time trying to help others. I volunteer for many organizations. My husband and i have taken the kids all over the world travelling. I still feel numb when i think of her but life goes on so I cant spend every minute holding onto thoughts of her. Im letting go

Jun 07, 2011
my thoughts are with you .
by: Roberta

Dear Rhonda, I to have also lost my 14 year old daughter on November 21st 2004 in a car accident. My thoughts are with you even tho its coming up 7 years i still find it really hard to face each day god bless you and your family x

Sep 14, 2010
With deepest sympathy
by: sheri

I too lost my daughter very suddenly a year ago this October 8. I have had other losses, my father, mother and loved ones. Loosing my daughter has forever changed me. The only if's and what if's can drive me crazy sometime. Most of the time, actually.

Sep 13, 2010
by: Janelle

Dear Rhonda,

I'm so sorry for your terrible loss. I can't imagine how the past six years have changed your life completely. Your writing of your story is so immediate. It gives the feel that the accident may have been only yesterday. I'm sure the memory feels frozen in your mind.

How have you found ways to put life back together after this type of loss?

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