Late Thomas Ugboko Onyebuenyi (Egbema Nigeria)

by Patience

Tribute to a Lovely Father.
Mr. Thomas Ugboko Onyebuenyi. Understanding Papa, Alias Amadianaeze . My Bible tells me in book Ecclesiastes 3 vs 2,4,19, Job 14 vs 1, Psalms 14 vs 8, psalms 116 vs 15, Psalms 39 vs 4. this portions of the
Bible has explain it all.
Imedaiate Family members, relatives, Friends & Well wishers will miss you, but I think, and I know I will miss you most. Four days to your death, I talked with you on phone I never knew it was going to be the last time I will ever hear from you. The Varcum you left open in my life and my entire family as a whole, who have you left it open for to fill? Oh death how wicked are you?
Who will have to always Smile and open his fine set of teeths at me whenever he sees me? No Father again to
cry at his daugther`s departure to her station.Where is my father who will always ask me what to eat and what to drink?
Who will always want a special dish prepared at my arrival. Death you are wicked.
A man who has the heart of all, who knows what seiblings means.A generious giver, A man who will always stand for the truth & justice no matter who is involved, A brave man you are and a brave man you died, Daddy this braveness reprensents your native name UGBOKO, The forest that brings out a smoke without a fire.
Understanding Papa, who will always have a good rapour with his sons-in-laws like his children. So for a truth you are nomore? No father again to welcome me back home, for a truth if there is life after this you will still be my father. What a wonderful World.
DADDY ::::::::::::::::::::::: Have a nice rest in the bossom of the Lord. GoodNight and Sleep Well.


From Ijenwa Pat AFAM, Ify & Husband Charles AFAM

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