by stacy knasel
(sidney ohio usa)

My beautiful daughter so full of life. You had the most beautiful smile that could light up a room. The day that you left us, me and your dad cried day after day. Not understanding why you had to go away.

Now your dads with you and I know your ok. I still have questions to why someone so young full life is no more. Your life was just starting, just married, new baby, and life's journey to grow. I miss you more than you could know. Tell your dad I love and miss the both of you. If you can't be here with me, I'm glad you have each other up in heaven. I know one day we all will be together again.

All my love,your mom

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Oct 17, 2011
your loss
by: Janelle

Dear Stacy,

I cannot imagine what it is like to lose both a daughter and her dad. Even after the two and a half years since your daughter's death, I imagine you regularly wish that she was still with you.

If you have anything to add about how you have gotten through this loss, I'm sure it would be helpful and meaningful to other readers.

As you may have noticed from this site, I found memory books, photography, and poetry helpful. We all have different ways of working through our grief. And I always appreciate hearing from others.

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