Kevin Carey ~ A Brother Unlike Any Other

by Sue Perry
(Woburn, MA)

Hi Kev,

Well, it's December 23rd, 2013. Your first Christmas gone from us, but together with Mom and Dad. It's only been three months, but it feels like forever!

Kev, you and I always had a "Special" bond....I know I am the princess of the family, being the only girl with three brothers in the family... Don't get me wrong, I have great relationships with Bobby and John, but like I said, you and I had a little something extra....I could always see it in your eyes!

I know that you know that I was there the day you passed!
I know you could hear me calling you by your old nickname...Remember?? Think about it, it's making me smile right now...Can ya hear the names Kev...Shue-Shue and Ka-Ka...How silly, but that was me and you!!!
Again, I could see it in your eyes....Those beautiful blue eyes, just like mine! I love you Kevin and I miss you so much! It was so hard to watch the Cancer eat at you! Eat you away!! You put up a Great Fight! I'll give ya that....Just heartbreaking that you had to be one of the ones to loose....

I want you to know, because I know it was your dying wish to see your daughter....She did come Kev...with a very broken Heart! She loves you Kevin, she was just very angry!! And sometimes people just can't put the anger behind them! She did come and she was there for you!....

Boy, I thought it was so hard loosing Mom and Dad just months apart, it's been just as hard if not harder loosing you! My family here on earth is getting smaller and smaller...It hurts so much....Memories are hard 'cause they make me cry....Well, cry and smile and the same time?? Christmas Morning at the old house...You, me and Bobby trying to sneak downstairs to peak ~ And of course Mom would hear us the minute one of feet hit the top step "GO BACK TO BED, IT'S TOO EARLY"
Oh, to be able to turn the clock back...But the again, if I did that, I would have my daughter and beautiful Grandson!!

Well, I know you and Mom, Daddy, Wally & Perry and all the others that are up there with you, will have a Wonderful Christmas all together! Send me a sign...Let me know every now and then that you are all thinking of me they way I think about you all!!

And Kev...As I wipe the tears from my eyes....Just like we put on the Head Stone....


Love You Always,

Your Favorite Sister,

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