by Ellen

One of your photos is of the Kalanchoe plant/flower. I personally love these flowers especially this time of year (autumn). They are inexpensive (I recently bought several to give away at $5 each), can be found in local grocery stores or greenhouses in multiple colors, bloom for a LONG time, are forgiving with infrequent watering (I think they qualify as succulents), take little care and will grow into larger lovely plants, and I think they are just beautiful. Just thought I'd share that for whatever it's worth!


Administrator Comment:

Thanks Ellen,

This is a helpful comment and will give readers more ideas of what to look for (and where).

This is the photo Ellen is referring to:

I love the idea of giving a potted plant as they will last much longer than cut flowers in water. I think I wrote elsewhere that when my sympathy flower arrangements started to wilt, I felt sad. I remember thinking to myself, "Well now even the flowers are dying."

So it is nice to know that these Kalanchoe are easy to care for. Because that is also important for folks who are preoccupied with the stress of loss.

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