Just a little help, a nudge in the right direction.

by Erin J

"A little help" may be a huge understatement, I am not too sure right now. My husband started a new job a couple of weeks ag, and I am still desperately trying to get a job. We have 3 daughters who need us. We are staying at his stepmother's house temporarily, but that is becoming increasingly tough for everyone. We have fallen almost 2 months behind on our car payment, and are trying to catch it up, but not succeeding very well. It was easy enough when both of us were working, but its not easy now. I am hoping to hear back about a certain job, and deperately need to hear that they picked me for the position. My family needs the income, so we can get back on our own. I need to get this job, or any of the jobs I have applied for. I have very much reached my breaking point, and my family needs to be normal again. I need to not feel like such a failure. I feel as if I have failed my kids and family lately, and it it so hard to pull out of that.

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