I've lost My Beautiful Husband

by Melanie

We were very young, he was only 37 and it came as a complete shock and total loss. It has only been 6 weeks and I am having up days and down days, today is an awful crushing day. We had no children yet but we were trying. I miss him with all of my heart and soul. He is my husband forever.

Administrator Comments:


I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you today. This entire site is a result of the loss of my husband. He was about the same age as your husband.

Everyone has to find their own way through this loss. But if you are able, I would encourage you to look through the site. You will find my (and others) reflections on how they worked through their loss.

Even though I was neither a photographer nor a poet before my husband's death, I ended up expression my journey through those two mediums in a way that surprised myself.

I also ended up taking classes on trauma healing, which were very helpful to me. I reflect on what I learned in those classes on various places on the site.

Perhaps you too will find a creative way to express your pain and loss. Over and over I hear of people using creativity (many to their astonishement) to express their story--either privately or to share with others.

But in these early days, you may not feel like you will have the energy for anything like that. And that is totally understandable. Just try to keep your heart open to hope as much as you are able.

My thoughts are with you. Keep in touch.


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