by takarra pickering
(jackson,ms )

When my grandma died I was like way i felt my heart broken into piece. My mom told don't worry she is in a better place now. My grandma was good one but she was my great grandma. When she past it so bad in my heart because i love so much. When she die it was time to say good bye grandma.

My grandma was loving person she had her up's and down's but she was a good person. I know she looking down on me but i wish i can tell her to her face how much i loved her. She is in my memory how much she went trough but all I know she is going home to see her child.I remember the room that she died and I in i saw her lying there dead.I started i asked Lord why my grandma. Sometimes I feel like passing away too.

I at her funeral felt like I can remember all the things that she said to me before she die. My sister was with her that same day. My mom told me that she can see her move and listing to the songs. I listen by r kelly say sadly. Its time to say good bye.


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Jul 26, 2018
by: Anonymous

So touching..r.I.p to her..I will like to use some of your words for my grandma tribute,am.lost of words too.

Apr 30, 2014
in loving memory
by: raeonna

dear my sweet cousin takarra, me and warren was shocked to hear that yo gramma had died.

Apr 17, 2014
in loving memory
by: breanna

dear takaura, i was shocked and saddend to hear the news that your grandmother had passed away. she loved you when she was that sweet earthly angel and she will always , and i mean always love you that she is that same sweet precious angelic heavenly dove saying: takaura bay, it's your grandmother mary. if you would just take some time out of your busy schedule just to have a special holiday so your grandmother's legacy, love,and uncoditional spirit live on . p.s. go to the state capital building in downtown to have the mary d. pickering -smith holiday recognized as day off, not a day on.
luv u always , deianna & breanna shoulders

Apr 03, 2014
in memory of your grandmother
by: raeonna

dear cousin karra, i was sad to hear that your grandma had died. it was good that she was an angel on this earth and that now she has taken flight, she is now a heavenly dove. she loved you you when she was that earthly angel and she will always love you now that she is that heavenly dove. she will be wauting for you takarra when it is your time
love always, your dear cousin raeonna i will always be there for u always and forever

Apr 03, 2014
by: Anonymous


Nov 09, 2011
your grandma
by: Janelle

Dear Takarra,

I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. My grandmother is very special to me as well, and I know it would be hard to loss her. So I can only imagine what you are experiencing.

Even though they can't take away the sadness, may you find some comfort in your happy memories.


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