Im going to miss you my sweet Daddy George Richard Jones

Daddy as a young man you taught me determination . I thank you for that so much . You taught me about you growing up so poor with tattered cloths , worn out shoes , kids making fun of you . Aunt Mattie pearl would meet your sister and brothers and you at lunch time . Y'all would eat a biscuit or whatever was left over from dinner the night before . I learned appreciation of having a dad that provided for us . You taught me that anyone can have an education ! You starting out in Jackson Mississippi repairing dental chairs to dental equipment ! Moving up to a salesman that traveled hundreds of miles each day ! Wow then becoming the owner on in life of west Texas Dental Supply . We had so many good times , memories , love that know one can ever take from me . You fought through many surgeries and survived ! I survived many things in life with the determination I learned from you . You taught me to love so hard ! I live with that ! I understand that now as I'm grown . We loved going looking at antiques for a bargain . I guess that's where I get that bargaining from . Thanks for teaching me to do it myself if I really wanted something , never let anyone drag me down ! When those grandbabies were born you loved them so much as they loved their Grand daddy ! Thanks for being my Daddy ! I love you ! You went through many trying times . You amazed me . I was your baby girl ! So many things you taught me , but the greatest thing was I was truly loved ! Love always Diana Lynne . Rip

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