I will never forget you

My wife was only 31 years old when she died of menigitis. She was only ill for only three days and nobody had any idea of the seriousness of her illness, including the local doctor I took her to. We had organized a party and cancelled it at the last minute, but one person could not be reached so when he turned up, I drove him home as my wife was sick and needed taking care of.

By the time I got back she was standing over a running tap and when I looked at her, her eyes were white. I was shocked and started to shake her and cry. I then called an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital. She was in intensive care, and as time went on, the doctors started to give the impression that she may not make it, but I was in total denial.

They asked me to call my family and, at 2am, I was worried about waking them - still thinking she would be going home by the morning. They told me it's not for her, but for me. I called her parents and my sister, apologizing for waking them. We live quite far away and it would take about an hour for them to start arriving, by then it was too late. I could only hear screaming though my tears as each person arrived one by one.

This was the worst day of my life and I remember every minute. Since this day, I see life differently and have now immigrated to a place I always wanted to live, but never had the guts to make the move, got remarried to a very understanding wife who has given me two amazing children, a boy and the sweetest little girl I have ever seen. Your death inspired me to live my life to the full, as I am one of those few that has learned the hard way how so precious life is, and how easy it is to take it for granted until something like this happens.

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