I want my husband back

by Cynthia Resendez
(Spring )

Hi my name is Cynthia I'm 22 yrs old it all started around 9 pm on a Thursday I wasn't feeling good and my husband asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner and drinks I told him that i wasn't sure if to go to the e.r or just wait ... So my husband goes out and buys me pain meds I took some and 30 min later I'm getting ready for my date ... We laughed and talked and had the best night I have ever had in my life ... He told me babe I love you and I will always love you no matter what ..like he knew something was wrong I told him I know babe and I love you too .. He gave me a kiss and kept buying me flowers that night some of his sisters showed up to join us ... One of the sisters said why so many roses brother that's for a funeral he said ... Look sis I bought all you guys roses and just know that when that last rose dies I won't be here anymore ... So we just told him he was crazy and to not say things like that... Later around 12 he gets into an altercation with a guy that was at the bar and this guy runs to his car and grabs a gun in a matter of seconds everyone is running for their life .. I would not leave my husbands side I did not care if I got shot ;( ... My husband goes outside and I'm right behind him he then wrestled the gun and the gun kept going off ... He manages to take the gun away ... Then the guy runs and my husband runs after him ... My husband falls on top of this dude and pulls out a knife and stabs the dude .... An off duty cop comes and yells at my husband to drop the weapon not knowing what had happened the cop shoots 4 times my heart shattered into pieces tells the cop why did you do such thing he was defending himself and me !!! He was confused and later I found out that when my husband wrestled the gun from the suspect he actually got shot 3 times on one leg so in total he got shot 7 times this happened 2 weeks ago I just want my husband back I'm lost and hurt and also very confused !!! We just had a baby he just turned 3 months I love my husband so much I wish it was just a dream but it's not ... I'm having a hard time sleeping and eating and that night plays in my head constantly ... Please help meeee <\3 he was only 32 yrs old and he was an amazing husband... I wish I had just stayed home

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Mar 20, 2015
Seek Counseling
by: Anonymous

you should seek counseling. When I loss my mom and sister to cancer. I was lonely, miserable, and hopeless. Through the advice of my Boss, I seeked Counseling. I avoided going to Walmart or a supermarket, because I did not want anyone to ask me how my mom was doing. I did not want to face reality to tell them that she was dying from cancer. The counselor gave me an assignment to go to the store, and When I was asked, how my mom was doing? I told them that she was not doing well, and I faced my fears to let them know that mom was dying. I did not realize the impact of counseling, until I had it. I screamed and cried in the first session.I felt freedom. All of those unhealthy thoughts were coming out. You have to release the stress to move to recovery.One of my favorite scripture is Hebrew 13:5,...he will never leave thee,nor forsake thee.We will be praying for you daily.

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