I need prayers right now

I recently applied for ssn disability and I already had to borrow money from a financial institution to pay last months rent. I recently was hospitalized for my kidneys, had to have surgery for a stone too big, infection spread to my blood stream and of course my bladder. They had to put stent in my kidney during surgery and 3 weeks later took it out. I have suffered from depression for 24 years and have been on anti depressants and anxiety meds since loss of my parents and child in soon at 24. I am diabetic, so my depression has worsened over the last year. Please pray that they approve disability quickly so I can pay my bills on time for october. God bless you all.

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Oct 31, 2017
Needing Prayers
by: Pat

God bless you, needing prayers. You have them from me, but I need to add a few words just for you. I wouldn't be here, myself, if it weren't for my own grief. I lost 3 loved ones in 2011. The only family I have left has abandoned me. My sister says she hates me. I have no clue why. But I am writing this for you. It caught my attention when you mentioned having applied for SS Disability. You can't hold out for this to save you. I know 2 friends who are waiting too. Years ago, I was there too. For your own sanity, it helps to redirect your life in other ways. I have 2 caregivers who help me because my right hip is gone and I can't stand up without crutches. Both of my caregivers are also disabled. They can't pay their bills either. I am fortunate to have gotten an inheritance from my father. I pay my caregivers by cash so they have enough to get by on until they might get their Disability. They are both grieving, but have decided their lives cannot wait for the government to do their paperwork. I am just suggesting that you might think about the skills I know you have and see what you can do to help yourself get out of the waiting game for SSD. Before you know it, your prayers will be answered and you may even find a new career. God bless you. I hope you write back. I need friends badly, but also would like to hear how you are doing. Pat

Oct 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

You are in my prayers!

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